Our app is connected to our global B2B database, one of the largest existing; after filling in your search criteria, the app brings you results within less than 1 second and is ready for further actions to allow you to find all business information you need.

Starting from general information such as legal status and revenue, to very detailed information like contact data, hq and branch offices, linkage between companies, historical data and more. Find all by clicking here.

By using our app, you can access, search, find, validate and verify the company's data you need (including contact data) about businesses worldwide. You can also find linkage between companies and people working in those.

The app is super fast, flexible, and with very extended search criteria in an ad-free environment. It is our custom-built tool, tested for years and constantly being improved.

This is very simple and will take no longer than 1 minute, please, click right here to go to the page where you can create your account with the subscription/registration option you prefer.

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All company data is structured to one, international format.

Behind all of our apps there is very powerful search engine bringing
you immediately the company information you are looking for.

The app gives you the access to one of the largest existing global
business databases, gathering and formatting data from over
1100 worldwide data streams.




our database and all company records available in it


through businesses worldwide


real-time company information you need


whether business information is up-to-date


the business data you have


  • 340 million + companies
  • 220 countries coverage
  • Over 3500 business sectors
  • 7 years of historical data
  • 7 languages available
  • Hundreds of search criteria
  • GDPR & CCPA-compliant
  • Easy in use
  • AD free environment
  • Dedicated APP support
  • Ultrafast and responsive
  • Real-time data

In our application you can find (examples)

  • General company information (name, business category, incorporation year, CEO and more)
  • Business contact data (email, phone, Social Media and more)
  • Company Legal Status and its Executives
  • Information about company employees and its number
  • Historical data up to 7 years back (including revenue)
  • Find information about the parent company and its subsidiaries
  • Explore the connections between individuals and companies
  • Find all international connections between companies

Step by step - How does the app work?

How to use this company finder
to find a business?

It depends on what company information you already have!

When starting with our company search tool, you have 3 very basic options to choose from. You can search by a company, by a business category, but also by a person’s name. You can search in a way relevant to you, you don’t have to fill in all the search criterias, click on the SEARCH button and find first results. You can also use our Search.app to find the biggest companies regarding revenue or number of employees, to find TOP20 companies in a country, to find how people and companies are globally related to each other. Within our application you should find many answers to your business information related questions!

If you register or subscribe, search options are much more advanced.